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Join us as we travel through almost 350 years of musical history, meet the composers, hear their music, learn about their life and times, and pick up some fun and interesting facts on the way.

With a particular focus on the string quartet we aim to trace the development of musical style and techniques and contextualize the music through cross-referencing importance historical, political and social events.


This cross-curricular element draws together areas as diverse as cultural history, politics, literature, engineering, art and science.

50 mins

Secondary School Ages 11- 18


HAIKU: Composition Workshop

Taking inspiration from five Haiku poems – wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Pupils work in groups to create five short pieces which are performed by the Benyounes Quartet at the end of the session.


The quartet introduce a compositional toolbox at the start of the session, giving examples of how to create different sounds and textures on string instruments. The pupils notate their compositions using a graphic score.

1hr 15mins

Secondary School Ages 11-18