Benyounes Quartet perform at artist Esther Teichmann's exhibition 'On Sleeping and Drowning' at Galerie Les Filles Du Calvaire, Paris as part of a film installation entitled 'Fulmine'.

'On Sleeping and Drowning' evokes the state of altered subjectivity, the space between sleeping and drowning of total abandon, ecstatic release and homecoming. 

In Fulmine, a three-screen film installation, figures move towards one another with a languid urgency, promising an arrival we never witness. Teichmann filmed canoeist Carlos Tapuy in the Amazon, travelling with him daily on his journeys in silent meditation. In a curtained boat-bed, dancer Sophia Wang moves in an auto–erotic continual motion as though underwater or in a dream. Another image shows a tiny tree standing alone in an overgrown rain forest, swaying to a different beat from the foliage surrounding it. An original string quartet score composed by Deirdre Gribbin and performed by the Benyounes Quartet accompanies their journey. 

This is the second collaboration between Teichmann an the Benyounes Quartet – the first at her 2015 exhibition 'Mondschwimmen' at the Zepher, Mannheim where the Benyounes Quartet premiered Deirdre Gribbin's score 'Somewhere I have never travelled'. 

Beethoven Quartet 'Serioso' F min Opus 95
With kind permission of composer Deirdre Gribbin. Copyright 2012.