"The polish of the Benyounes Quartet was new... they already seem seasoned veterans with their tight ensemble and confident projecton."

- The Times


Benyounes Quartet premiere John Woolrich

A Book of Inventions is a ‘jigsaw’ gradually being pieced together to reveal a whole.   It is the over-arching title of a set of six string quartets by composer John Woolrich, each given its own name, so far including Badinerie, Villanesca, Débricollage, Scamander and Another Journey Calls.  Following the premiere of Badinerie at MoMA in New York in July 2018 by the young Ansonia Quartet, others will be heard in the UK from autumn 2018 across two seasons.   Performances are presented by a number of brilliant Quartets, young and established, beginning with the Benyounes Quartet in October 2018, continuing with the Tesla Quartet from the US, the Callino Quartet, the Quatuor Bozzini from Montreal, and with others to follow.   Involving a number of festivals and venues across the country with specially-devised programmes for each, some curated by the composer, each performance will have a flavour of its own, some including talks and Insights with the composer and performers, others including workshop opportunities for student composers.

The University of Birmingham hosts three concerts across 2018/19: first, the Benyounes in October; then the Quatuor Bozzini visits in March 2019 as part of The University of Birmingham’s Arts & Science Week with an Insight event touching on some fascinating research into ‘music and the brain’, and a student composition workshop; finally the Callino Quartet in May 2019 including a piece by a young composer selected from the Quatuor Bozzini’s workshop.

‘….a thoroughly captivating musical journey…’  nationalsawdust.org on Badinerie, July 2018, MoMA, New York