"The polish of the Benyounes Quartet was new... they already seem seasoned veterans with their tight ensemble and confident projecton."

- The Times


“A carefully balanced ensemble highlighted the subtlest nuances of colour and shape through individual expression…one wonders where this exciting quartet will go next.” James Whittle, The York Press, 03/14

“Perhaps the most distinguished of all was the Benyounes Quartet, playing Debussy’s String Quartet. The players have somehow grasped the core of the work, its surging colours – its scintillating detail, its sensual harmonies were all tinged with a brittle coolnees…I’ve rarely heard such a compelling live performance of this work.” Edward Bhesania, The Strad, 09/12

“Schubert’s Quartettsatz in C minor D703, played by the Benyounes Quartet, emerged from a whispering, almost ponticello beginning into something thrillingly full throated. ” Tim Homfray, The Strad, 09/12

“The Benyounes ended the evening with a superb performance of Wood’s Third Quartet that was strong, subtle and lyrical.” Tim Homfray, The Strad, 09/12

“Hearing both concerts left me feeling that the praise of the Benyounes Quartet that I had previously met was wholly justified. Here is a young ensemble with a marvellous unity of approach, a sureness of intonation, a discipline and a spirit, an all-pervading sense of musicality, that makes them highly listenable already and surely promises even more in the future. […] Their Haydn playing was quite outstanding. In the opening allegro moderato they brought a comfortable assurance to Haydn’s lucid development of his thematic materials, and there was a balance of grace and substance that caught the spirit of the movement well-nigh perfectly; their playing breathed that air of naturalness and ease which is, of course, the fruit of much hard work.” Glynn Pursglove Seen and Heard International 02/12

“The elements of heightened, almost magical, realism were brilliantly brought to life by the members of the Benyounes Quartet. The four players were excellent, with a discreet but rich viola and rhythmic and nimble cello aerating Cashian’s elaborate textures” Peter Reed, Classical Source 01/12

“The polish of the Benyounes Quartet was new…they already seem seasoned verterans with their tight ensemble and confident projection.” The Times 01/12

“This all-female ensemble is particularly fine. They played here with passion and confidence: the ferocious virtuosic demands of the Bartok were negotiated with aplomb. It was a cogent and persuasive performance – the musicians are already strong, energetic communicators on top of their technical accomplishment. A really winning combination of ardour and exuberance.” N.H. Reeve, Seen and Heard International 05/11

“The overriding impression left by the Benyounes String Quartet was of great musicianship and unity. It was clear that they fully empathised with the music.” Stranraer & Wigtownshire Free Press 02/11

“The maturity and sensitivity of the playing by all members of the ensemble was delight; they played as one instrument.” Peter Marks, Galloway Gazette 02/11