"The polish of the Benyounes Quartet was new... they already seem seasoned veterans with their tight ensemble and confident projecton."

- The Times


The Benyounes Quartet has extensive experience in outreach work. In our formative years, we regularly performed concerts for the Council for Music in Hospitals in various healthcare settings across the north west which gave us huge experience to build on.
Since then we have developed and delivered a number of unique education workshops.

Primary School
These are approximately 50 minutes in length, encourage active listening and include participatory activities. They are a wonderful opportunity for children to experience high quality performances of classical music in an engaging and intimate setting.

Ravel String Quartet – Painting with music 
‘Painting with Music’ – an interactive music workshop exploring the colourful string quartet by Maurice Ravel, one of the 20th century’s most striking and best loved composers.
Composed in 1902 for a composition prize at the Paris Conservatoire and dedicated to his teacher Faure, Ravel’s quartet was inspired by the vibrant Impressionist paintings of Monet, such as his atmospheric Waterlillies. The work combines a regard for tradition with a new perspective on the importance of colour, atmosphere and sensation. We hear shimmering textures and elusive, opaque melodies,rhythmic vitality hinting at Ravel’s root’s in the Basque region, and a taste for the exotic reflecting his fascination with the Orient. This work offers a wonderful starting point to explore the ways in which music can paint images or suggest a narrative.
The quartet  performs excerpts from the work and engage the children in interactive activities which aim to develop an awareness and understanding of rhythm, tempo, contrasts, ensemble skills, character and mood.

Papa Haydn
Papa Haydn’ was a much loved and celebrated figure in his day. He had a great zest for life which is clearly expressed in his music. Through anecdotes and excerpts from his string quartets we aim to bring our listeners a bit closer to the many aspects of Haydn’s  character – his wit and humour, his warmth, and his love of dance.
The participatory elements are fun and engaging, and aim to develop an awareness and understanding of rhythm, tempo, contrasts, ensemble skills, character and mood.

Secondary School

Timeline Concert ‘A History of Music through the String Quartet 1670 – 2017’
Join us as we travel through almost 350 years of musical history, meet the composers, hear their music, learn about their life and times, and pick up some fun and interesting facts on the way.
With a particular focus on the string quartet we aim to trace the development of musical style and techniques and contextualize the music through cross-referencing importance historical, political and social events. This cross-curricular element draws together areas as diverse as cultural history, politics, literature, engineering, art and science.

Haiku Composition Workshop
Taking inspiration from five Haiku poems – wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Pupils work in groups to create five short pieces which are performed by the Benyounes Quartet at the end of the session. The quartet introduce a compositional toolbox at the start of the session, giving examples of how to create different sounds and textures on string instruments. The pupils notate their compositions using a graphic score.